My name is Tricia and I am a professional hula hoop performer, working throughout Scotland.

In addition to performing, I am a certified HoopLove Coach and I’m super excited to be bringing classes to West Lothian!

With a background in the arts, I hold an M/A Hons in Theatre Studies from the University of Glasgow.

I have worked as a performing cabaret artist for over a decade, as well as teaching hen party dance classes.

I am a registered and insured member of Equity (Performing Arts Union).


Hula hooping is fun but challenging; it makes you work outside your comfort zone and pushes you to learn new things. It puts you in touch with your body and your own natural movements, helping you connect your energy with the hoop.

Learning tricks takes time and practice, but the feeling when you finally master a move and it starts to come naturally, is absolutely worth it!

I’m offering a different kind of fitness journey, to those already out there in the local area. Motivating yourself to get fit can be hard, but it becomes so much easier if you’re having fun while you’re doing something that inspires you!

Join us for a fun, inspiring journey to achieve fitness through hula hooping dance, tricks and skills.

Blue hoop – © Craig Colahan
Outdoor hoop – © John Hewat
LED hoop – © Max Crawford